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Commercial Title                                :    Bilgesoft Yazılım ve Bilişim Hizmetleri
Tax Account Number                         :    182 022 4011
Tax Office                                           :    Gümrükönü / Sakarya
Commercial Registration Number      :    19305
Registered Number of Rooms            :    27051
Room Record                                     :    Adapazarı Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası

Bilgesoft Yazılım, in 2005 the 3 is an independent software house founded in the fourth quarter. Until this period has existed under different corporate identities.

Develop large-scale application software systems, such as put into practice and take care only aims to provide software services.

For this purpose as in the past, such projects for many years the leader of experienced IT specialists with today's data base management systems and software technologies are used together with experienced professionals within the software and the team constantly keep broadening.

Starting from the year of establishment, strong, and surely an emerging growth chart success and capturing Bilgesoft software without losing the acceleration in the development and success to continue in the name of with projects both domestic and international market leading company aims to be.

Our vision is we have industry knowledge, advanced skills and with our team of experts in the field of software products and services to develop custom solutions and our value to our customers by producing domestic and overseas market sought to become a software company.

Mission; software and information technology implementation and long-term management of their ideas to our clients at every stage, reliable and professional partners to increase their productivity as they were created with new technology to provide solutions.

Our values, our employees have for the following works to continuously improve itself.

Basic Competencies

  • Predisposition to Team Work
  • Openness to learning and development
  • Communicate effectively able
  • Ownership and Results Orientation
  • Customer Focus
  • Solving



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